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iRUMBO Profile Guidelines

Profiles can only be created and administered by one designated employee of the company. We will verify the identity of the individual before granting them access to manage the profile. They will then be issued a username (email) and password to access the portal for editing profiles.

To claim a profile or add businesses please fill out our request form and select “New Account.”

Your business must be as a full-time, information technology value-added reseller, consultant, vendor, service or solution provider.

Profiles should be based on an accurate representation of your solutions, services, partner relationships and other fields available. You are not obligated to fill in all fields, but the more information you provide the more detailed and compelling your profile will appear to prospective customers. We reserve the right to modify information provided, if we feel it misrepresents the business, and can remove profiles for abuse.

Once your request is approved you will be granted access to a portal where you can edit an change all of the fields for your business. iRUMBO only publishes a subset of the information collected on the public website. All information is voluntary.


All information is voluntary. We collect information in over 40 fields that are used to help vendors identify partners for their solutions. We will broaden the profile information displayed on the iRUMBO site as we determine the value in IT Buyers search criteria, as well as collect enough information to present. Here are the primary fields that we display to the IT Buyer public:

Solutions are broad categories that combine technologies of hardware, software and services together to solve a business or technical problem. These will include many of the latest industry "buzz words."

Technologies are specific categories of hardware and software products.

Services is defined as billable time or recurring fees for services provided to a customer, as distinct from hardware and/or software.

Company Overview provides a brief paragraph or two describing your business. This is displayed when a user clicks on your company name and your profile page. We have primarily taken these directly from your businesses website, if it is already filled in.

Employees are the total number for full-time employees displayed on the profile page.

Revenue Range is total income attributable to products and services sold by an account annually. This may be derived from sales, gross revenue, commissions or billings. Revenue is frequently referred to as "Sales" and is displayed on your profile page. We display a range that your business would be in:

  • A) $0-0.5M
  • B) $0.5-1M
  • C) $1-2.5M
  • D) $2.5-5M
  • E) $5-10M
  • F) $10-25M
  • G) $25-50M
  • H) $50-100M
  • I) $100-250M
  • J) $250-500M
  • K) $500M-1B
  • L) $1B+

We plan to provide rankings at a future point when we have collected sufficient revenue history.

Technologies are specific categories of hardware and software products.

Type is defined as the general category for a business. Some accounts may qualify for multiple "Types," however we have selected the Type that best describes the majority of its business.

Vendor Partner Programs is a listing of the manufacturers of goods or services with which the business has formal relationships.

Minority- or Woman-owned is yes when an Account qualifies for "minority" business status. This is used frequently in government bidding for encouraging diversity of suppliers.


iRUMBO is a FREE Business to Business (B2B) tool for people to find and connect with local Information Technology (IT) solution providers commonly called consultants, managed service providers (MSPs), resellers (VARs), or service providers to help solve their technical and business problems.